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Sales Excellence is the top class of sales. This is exactly where we lead your company – inspired by a very special role model: the pole vault!

A look at the sport explains why. Here, the performance of the athlete, efficient coaching and highly technical poles combine to form one of the most demanding athletic disciplines.

This interaction is crucial. Because behind the successful performance of the athlete, there is a whole team of coaches and the right equipment.

We offer both to your sales management. For precise and dynamic structures, both in sales and purchasing. With years of international experience and state-of-the-art tools, we lift your own performance towards the top.


For your personal top performance!

What we do differently



The height:

Because your company is unique, we set individually tailored performance targets. Knowing when and why investments are worthwhile is the basis of a successful, resource-saving project.




Once the goals are defined, a customized project is created in intensive collaboration with you. We rely on flexible concepts without rigid templates.



The run-up:

With the kick-off in mind, we want to avoid failed tests. Therefore, we integrate (depending on the scope of services) different test phases and pilot projects into the implementation process.



The leap:

With trainings, workshops or coaching we improve the (sales) performance of your company. Tools developed in-house help to streamline internal processes in the long term and to achieve set goals.



The landing:

Our collaboration is not a one-time event. After the implementation we accompany you in the evaluation and interpretation of the results and enable a stable integration of new measures into the daily business routine.

Actually, it is like in sports

  • Coaching

    Success is individual. In order to achieve goals, the focus on the efficient use of your own resources is crucial. Therefore, we analyse the ACTUAL status of your sales activities, create a coordinated training plan and accompany the entire transformation. From sales conversations, strategic project management, marketing activities and customer retention, to strengthening your negotiating position: together we will achieve your best performance.

  • Sparring

    Success is teamwork. All our experts start with at least 20 years of experience in sales and sales management. On markets in and outside Europe, we support regional and international companies from all areas of expertise. This is multilingual, fair, independent of industries and free of fixed structures or providers: together we go your way.

  • Analysis

    Success is measurable. The performance of individual measures becomes apparent after implementation, which is why a project does not end for us with the jump. We measure and analyse change, readjust if necessary and provide you with proven tools: Together we are better.

These are our partners

ValueSelling Associates is the creator of the ValueSelling Framework®, a proven formula for accelerating sales results. Since 1991, ValueSelling Associates has helped thousands of B2B professionals increase their sales productivity. FORTUNE 1000, mid-market and start-up companies turn to the experts at ValueSelling Associates for sales strategies that deliver immediate impact and sustainable results.

We strengthen your communication and negotiation skills. In various consulting programs, coachings and in-house trainings, we provide your entire team with strategies that will permanently lift your business to a new level. Each of our trainings – whether virtual or face-to-face – is individually tailored to your company and accompanied by experienced experts on an international top level.

Passion is a feeling that grips and drives us humans. Our business area also thrives on it: Passion is indispensable when it comes to successful sales. We burn for exactly that and make your sales management even better. How? By consistently focusing on success factors such as methodology and systematics. All of this, of course, focused on the people who make the difference.

As a leading niche consulting company, we are your partner for all aspects of diverse sales services. Flexible and service-oriented, we achieve outstanding results for your sales management, build new effective structures and maintain long-term customer relationships. We adapt to your needs and respond individually to your requirements. Because your success is as important to us as our own!

For your successful sales management!

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